From 2004 - 2006

I’ve been involved in the production side of the Theme nights at Throb

As well as Djing I attended meetings and gave input into the theme nights and sometimes helped do the setup & takedown after the event.

Last Throb Event:

Throb 2016

From 2010 - 2017

I was the resident DJ at Salsa Partytime in which I got more involved in putting on themed nights, similar to Throb.

The production side of things ranged from process of coming up with the themed idea to designing the promotion and planning of the night to the night itself.

At the last venue i was given the task to map out the system so it would be made easier for staff at the venue and staff at salsa partytime to work the system and give the customer the best experience on the night.

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Themed Parties

Flag Party

The idea of the flag party was to co inside  with the 2014 World Cup. However we promoted it so anyone from the world can come and represent whatever country they wanted too.

The planning stage started early January 2014 in which we ordered loads of Flags and flag Bunting and Purchased Festoon Lights. All would be used for future themed parties and Live band night.

The balloon drop was the first of many for the timed nights.

The setup was done by myself and other volunteers as well as the take down. The night was a great success .

Other Themed Parties:

Tennis party  2015

Hat party 2015

Link to event on Resident